Wednesday 2 June 2021

The Severn Valley Railway, 6th April 1980 (part 2)

Continuation of my first visit to the Severn Valley Railway.

4930 Hagley Hall enters Arley station with a working for Bridgnorth, passing 7819 Hinton Manor.

At Bewdley7812 Erlestoke Manor had returned to service in September 1979.

2857 saw a very limited mileage in 1980, but the cylinder block and boiler required further attention, and full return to traffic took place in 1985, including a main line freight turn, for GWR 150.

5164 arrives at Bewdley with a working from Bridgnorth. 

8233 arriving at Arley from Bridgnorth.

70000 Britannia in the sidings at Arley. Alas, at this time, it was too heavy for SVR usage, and was requiring boiler repairs. It moved on to the Nene Valley Railway.

6960 Ravengham Hall arriving at Arley. The signal box, to LNWR pattern, was moved from Yorton, between Crewe and Shrewsbury.