Sunday 6 June 2021

Dunbridge, 15th January 1983

The latter days of Dunbridge signal box, Saturday, 15th January 1983. The box seems to have been formally closed on 17th October 1983, although the automatic half-barriers had replaced preceding signaler operated full width barriers on 14th November 1982.

Signal box, level crossing, and two month old half barriers.

33044 passes with a Cardiff - Portsmouth '89' train, formed from the typical five Mk 1 coaches. The locomotive was new as D6562 on 15th July 1961, renumbered 33044 in December 1973, withdrawn on 11th September 1987, and cut up at Vic Berry, Leicester in October 1990.

This is actually the first picture I ever took at Dunbridge, 10th September 1982, the Friday evening after my first week at work. 33012 is passing with a train for Portsmouth. This picture demonstrates the full width barrier arrangement, which was replaced in November that year. The new crossing roadway has been installed, but not the anti-animal and trespass wooden slats. The present day signal SY1 was already installed on the platform, although I do not know where it was controlled from. 33012 is now preserved at the Swanage Railway, although currently receiving attention inside Eastleigh Works.