Wednesday 30 September 2020

FRA wagons at Eastleigh, 25th September 2020

FRA wagons were built in a batch of 44 by Marcroft in 2002, originally for Binliner service, although seen in intermodal service in recent years, generally with usage in trains similar to the KFA wagons.

Freightliner Waste to Energy Fleet
Freight Focus: Fragrant world of the ‘Binliner’

In intermodal service this is 613002 in the formation of 4M61 13:00 Maritime - Trafford Park.

Eastleigh Works has recently been converting 8 of these into FRA-B wagons, which are being hired to Network Rail for an extended period for RHTT work, to replace some other former Binliner wagons which have been in such service. Two of these left the works in 4T66 14:16 Eastleigh Works - Maritime, although this ran almost three hours late. These examples were seen in intermodal service in the past year, it is understood that these will be sent to York before their new duties. 

613106 was the former 613025.

613108 was the former 613032.