Tuesday 8 September 2020

An hour at Aberdour, 4th September 2020

Overall the attractions of Scotland from mid-August to early-September were limited by comparison with preceding years. The Class 68 hauled Fife Circle concluded at the end of May, so one can no longer can hear the distinctive Cat power charging up the bank in the earlier hours. The accident at Carmont, near Stonehaven, appears to mean no LNER or Colas Cement workings to / from Aberdeen.

Also, a digital catastrophe cost me coverage of 57601 + 57316 on the Northern Belle, and of the first outward run of 'The Royal Scotsman'. So one final weekday hour of HST & Azuma.

43143 + 43136 pass with 1B31 12:49 Inverness - Edinburgh.

43136 on the rear.

800111 1W96 1200 Kings Cross - Inverness, again using the VAR timetabled route via Ladybank and Hilton Junction.