Thursday 17 September 2020

Eastleigh Works, 15th September 2020

A Class 442 DTS seen stripped for scrapping, with the unit number already flame cut. I believe that this DTS may be 77406 from 442401? The other DTS 77382 has been reported as set aside intact, for the consideration of the NRM. 55623 of 142032 lies behind.

The adjacent TS also has had its number flame cut out. If from 442401 then this could be 71842?

Two apparently intact Class 442 units, with stored 57302 Chad Varah lying beyond.

Glimpses of 50026, 43083 and 08507. More significantly is a wheelset and part of a bogie from a scrapped Class 442 coach being dumped into a skip, and one further coach in queue behind 08507.

55573 from 142032, which was delivered to the works on 31st March.

43055 and 50026 Indomitable. 43046 is in the paint shop in preparation for the 'Blue Pullman' scheme.

TDA wagon TIPH 78278 (Marley Industrie, 1991-93), which arrived in 6O12 11:00 Margam - Eastleigh on 12th September.