Friday 12 January 2018

GWR DMU changes in 2018

We should start to expect to see the end of the 158/9 operations on the Cardiff - Portsmouth cross country corridor, as these units are reassigned to services in Devon and Cornwall, allocated to EX (Exeter). They will be replaced by Class 166 units which are being reallocated from RG (Reading) to PM (Bristol St Philip's Marsh).

166202/3/5/6/8/10/14/16/19 are currently understood to be allocated to PM, and are working on Bristol Parkway to Weston-super-Mare and Severn Beach services. For working on the longer distance services, 2+2 seating is to be fitted, and ride height is to modified to improve clearances.

166202 ran to Southampton on 18th December for gauging purposes.

158950 (above) passes Dunbridge, on 6th January, the location of all of these pictures. This unit has been refurbished into the current GWR scheme.

158954 still carries the "dynamic lines" colours.

Both Class 150/0 prototype units were also on these services on 6th January, reflecting their reallocation from RG to PM which took place during 2017.