Sunday 28 January 2018

Class 166 and the Ride Height Modification

Several Class 166's noted operating in the Bristol and Newport area last week, all sporting the "Ride Height Modification" (RHM). This is a key item to allow these trains to operate on the Portsmouth - Cardiff services, replacing the 158/9's. The trains seen here are working Taunton - Cardiff services, the Weymouth duties may be added this week.

There is also an ASDO modification under way, but it's not clear which units have this so far.

As of 16th January, 166202/3/4/5/6/8/10/12/14/16 & 19 have the RHM and are working from Bristol.

I did not look inside, but it seems that seating is still 3 + 2 meantime, with interior refurbishment yet to start.

Class 166 were new from ABB York as "Networker Turbo" units in 1992-93, similar to the preceding Class 165 but with air conditioning and additional toilets.

166202 seen arriving at Newport, 26th January.

RHM triangle for "Ride Height Modification"

The modification is a spacer which sits on top of the air bags in the suspension. This has some similarity in look and colour to an over-sized "Polo Mint", and thus raises the body by about "an inch".
GWR colours on 166216, at Newport on 25th.

166219 departing Newport on 25th.