Thursday 29 June 2017

Inverkeithing then and now

26010 has the signal to enter the yard at Inverkeithing on Tuesday, 13th March 1979. This picture was taken on the way to a university exam, I saw 47701 for the first time when I arrived at Edinburgh that day, and then on to the exam. I took the picture, film and processing were on a limited budget, knowing that the semaphore signals were only there for a short while longer - the then new cabinets and trunking are visible on the right.

Inverkeithing Central Junction signal box, seen in the distance, dated from the 1890 developments for the Forth Bridge, and was closed on 30th July 1979. Images on Canmore.

26010 is a survivor, now based at the Llangollen Railway.

At a similar location, noting the small wall on the left, 68022 arriving with 2K14 18:16 Glenrothes with Thornton - Edinburgh, Wednesday 21st June 2017. The signalling cabinet is still at the right, but off-picture.