Sunday 11 June 2017

66954 stored at Wentloog, 10th June 2017 (corrected)

Updated 20th June

SORRY - "FAKE NEWS" It is 66954 that was stored in this way, and as noted when I took a picture of it on 2nd June, this one does belong to the JP Morgan / Beacon lease group. The other last pictures seen on Flickr were of workings on 2nd June, so I am wondering if this was its final day one two three .

66594 happily remains in traffic one.

66594 was reported as moved from Southampton to Wentloog on Saturday, and was stored in pool DHLT (awaiting maintenance / repair / disposal). It was working as recently as Friday 9th.

This locomotive is leased from Macquarie, so is not the same lot as those stored in recent weeks. It was built as works number 20058772-16, and unloaded into the UK on 21st April 2007.

At Maritime on 27th May.