Saturday, 10 June 2017

70809 with 6O31 at Eastleigh, 8th June 2017

On the General Election Day, 70809 has arrived at Eastleigh, and is awaiting a signal to proceed to platform 2 and into the yard. 6O31 runs most weekdays, and departs from Westbury at 17:30. On this occasion the consist is a long welded rail train.

70809 had just arrived at this point.

Overlooking towards Southampton Road.

This view shows the approach roads for the T&RSMD and the carriage sidings, which have recently been de-electrified, possibly related to the equipment observed on 4th May. These rails may have been de-engergised for about a decade. Interestingly here is a 1966 picture.

DB 979514 is a 'Porpoise' YEA 51 tonne Plasser & Theurer LWRT chute wagon, built by BREL at Crewe in 1985, and seen here thirty years ago at Woking.

DR 89008 is a YXA built by Cowans Boyd in 1985. This Flat Power Wagon provides an onboard generator facility.

More about these wagons - one two