Friday, 30 June 2017

Colas Cement Empties in Fife, June 2017

6B32 16:52 Aberdeen Craiginches - Oxwellmains

60085 at Aberdour, 19th June.

Marked clearly for ownership by Colas, 39.70.9316.016-6 was in the consist. This is the point where I have to confess that I don't yet have a 2017 Wagons Book. This group of JPA wagons, built by Feldbinder in Germany, with RIV exchange code '39' (Bogie wagon, fixed gauge, PPW compliant) were delivered into the UK in August 2016.

JPA VTG 12406 (Feldbinder, Germany, 2007) on the rear of the train.

60085 again, this time on Wednesday 21st, at Inverkeithing. JPA wagons leased from VTG are leading in the train.

PCA 10745 (BREL, Ashford, 1981) on the rear of the train. Although the JPAs were introduced in 2016, an amount of PCA usage continues.