Monday, 13 February 2017

New Wagons at Westbury, Friday 10th February - 2: Astra Rail JNA

6C77 1240 Acton-Merehead (empties)

59102 Village of Chantry (GM EMD Nov 1990) arrives with the empties, having been held for some time outside of Westbury.

The consist was exclusively these new JNA wagons, from Astra in Romania, and with design similarities to the recently delivered DBC MMA's - no side door (clean out hatch) and two more pillars per side. The first wagon is 81 70 5500 194-2. 

Here is 81 70 5500 216-3. The number series for these JNA Ealnos boxes currently delivered goes up to '292', with allocations up to '378' although this involves other fleets. Hiveminer can see '318'.

The last wagon was 81 70 5500 181-9.