Saturday 25 February 2017

37405 at Eastleigh Works, 24th February 2017

37405 and coach 5919, which can be seen in the background of the 2 lower images, were moved from Norwich to Eastleigh on Tuesday 21st. While 37405 may be ready for a repaint into the newer DRS scheme, it may also have been receiving maintenance attention, although it was in traffic in East Anglia in the previous week. The engine was run up at Eastleigh on Friday, after these pictures were taken.

37405 was new as D6982 on 13th May 1965, allocated to Cardiff Canton, renumbered 37282 in March 1974.

Heavy General Overhaul at Crewe November 1984 - September 1985 emerging as 37405 for the ScR, named Strathclyde Region in April 1986. 

EWS stored the locomotive at least twice between March 2006 and December 2010, after which it was sold to DRS in January 2011, and moved in May 2012. Ex-works at Barrow Hill in January 2013, reaching this area on a railtour on 30th November that year.

Looking further back, at Shawford, on 10th September 2006, 37405 is returning "Wessex" railtour stock 5Z84 12:50 Eastleigh - Old Oak Common, following a tour to Penzance on the previous day.