Wednesday, 1 February 2017

60054 on the Hamworthy Stone, 1st February 2017

One week after its resumption, Westbury nicely turned out 60054 on the Hamworthy Stone.

6O51 05:00 Westbury - Hamworthy, 6V52 12:05 Hamworthy - Whatley, both STP schedules on this occasion.

The return run passes Redbridge.

60054 was new in May 1991, and had its 'Super 60' overhaul completed on 20th October 2011. Subsequently it has spent time in store, briefly in March 2015, then again February - July 2016.

NACO 3932 is a JNA Bogie Box wagon built by Marcroft at Stoke in 2000-01.

90 minutes or so later, passing through Romsey.

60054 was originally named Charles Babbage and I even have some mileage behind it from Hooton - Liverpool, in 1997.

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