Saturday, 3 September 2016

Edinburgh, 24th and 25th August 2016

90044 at Edinburgh Waverley between sleeper workings, 25th August.

334025 waits to form 2M19 12:08 to Milngavie, while 82218 leads the 1E14 12:00 to Kings Cross.

91109 on the rear of 1E14.

380110 arrives with 2Y11 11:27 from North Berwick.

67021 was the resident Thunderbird,

350408 at Haymarket on the 24th, with 1M93 18:13 to Manchester Airport - the same unit was on this working on 15th.

334035 arrives on 25th at Haymarket with 2H18 16:26 from Helensburgh Central, running 8 minutes late.