Saturday 17 September 2016

47812 brings 442412 to Eastleigh Works, 17th September 2016

"Pig Drag" 47812 + 442412 5T42 12:20 Stewarts Lane - Eastleigh Works.

This drag started from Three Bridges on 6th September, but for some reason 442412 was left at Stewarts Lane, and this move appeared intended to recover it to Eastleigh Works, for storage, and likely also 3rd rail shoe removal before a move to Ely.

Moving between the station and the works.

Pulling into the works, passing resident 47818.

47812, originally D1916 was new on 18th November 1965 from Brush at Loughborough. For a while this was Pride of Eastleigh.

A close up of DTSO(B) coach 77417.

47812 then moved to shunt the unit to the back of the works, after which it was parked.