Friday 2 September 2016

Colas cement workings from Aberdeen Craiginches to Oxwellmains, August 2016

Colas now often operate the return empty cement tanks back on a later schedule, mostly under darkness. On Monday 15th August, the earlier 6B32 16:52 Aberdeen Craiginches - Oxwellmains schedule ran, and 60026 is seen passing at Aberdour, with a full rake of JPA wagons.

JPA wagons have been introduced to the Oxwellmains services since 8th August - some of the PCA wagons may have gone to Aberthaw for flyash workings ? VTG owned JPA 12403 was completed by Feldbinder in Germany in 2007.

The introduction of JPAs in Scotland is enabled by introduction of a new build of JPAs, with three operating in Scotland so far. 20 further deliveries have been seen at Wembley, and later Mossend on Tuesday 23rd, so further transition may be expected very soon. New build 81 70 9316 070-0, again from Feldbinder, is seen in the rake - all three were present in this 6B32.

6B32 05:55 Craiginches - Oxwellmains ran as an additional train on Saturday 20th August, not having managed to run the previous evening. 60026 again leads, this time at Inverkeithing, and again the formation was of JPAs.

On Wednesday 24th, the 6B32 16:52 Aberdeen Craiginches - Oxwellmains  again ran, this time with 60095, which was the other locomotive on these diagrams at the time. This was formed of two Ferryvans, one of these from those repainted at Eastleigh with Colas logo, and then a short rake of unidentified PCAs.

Farewell to PCA workings in Scotland.