Saturday, 5 July 2014

"The Royal Wessex", 5th July 2014

1Z92 06:54 Three Bridges - Weymouth, 1Z94 15:35 Weymouth - Eastleigh - Three Bridges 

LMS Black 5 44932 at St Denys, preparing to stop at Northam for watering.
Some detail of the locomotive.
4973 is a Mk 1 TSO completed at Wolverton in 1962 to Lot 30690.
An hour later at Redbridge.
Passing Brokenford Lane Bridge, Totton. Image by Ian Knight.
33012 (D6515) Lt Jenny Lewis RN leads the train into Eastleigh.
Preparing to cross over tracks at Eastleigh.
44932 departs for Botley and Fareham.