Monday, 21 July 2014

DRS Open Day, Gresty Lane, Crewe, 19th July 2014

A full set of pictures from Gresty Lane is here on OneDrive.

47810 in the latest DRS colours. New as D1924 in December 1965 to 86A Cardiff Canton. Loaned to Eastleigh and handled the last down Bournemouth Belle.
20309 was new as D8075 in July 1961 to 65A Eastfield. 37606 was new as D6790 in January 1963 allocated to 52A Gateshead.
37419 was new as D6991 in July 1965 to 86A Cardiff Canton.
 37682 was new as D6936 in April 1964 to 87E Landore
47818 was new as D1917 in December 1965 allocated to 86A Cardiff Canton. 57010 was new as D1907 in September 1965 with the same allocation.
68002 Intrepid was delivered through Southampton in January 2014, the first toarrive.
68008 Avenger is reported to be AAR fitted, as a backup for Chiltern services, but I see no relevant connectors. Delivered through Liverpool in early June. UPDATE: Being fitted week of 21st July.