Sunday, 19 January 2014

Around Eastleigh, 19th January 2014

Construction of the re-instated up loop, due to be in usage by May. 30 years ago this spot was used for van storage one two.  The signal will need to be moved.
Ruston 01508 (MoD 428, works no. 466617)
Barrier coach 6378 is an emu translator vehicle for class 313/315, converted to ADB975971 and to traffic May 1981 from Restaurant Unclassified Open 1054, originally built at Wolverton in 1961 and withdrawn in 1979. Renumbered 6378 in March 2003. 6378 and 6379 was used for the class 458/5 move from Doncaster to Wimbledon on Friday night hauled by 47739.
LT C69 6518 for scrapping. Withdrawn this month and to Northwood on 10th.
455846 was new in July 1983, so now over 30 years old. 4-SUBs did not last much longer than this - although some 4-SUB traction motors are under Class 455s.