Saturday, 25 January 2014

4-CEP cars at Eastleigh, 19th January 2014

On 3rd January two EMU cars were moved to Eastleigh for a unique project, their un-refurbishment. Here is presented what may be a last look at them in the refurbished condition with hopper windows. More details at the website.

7105 was the first production 4-CEP, ordered for phase 1 of the Kent Coast Electrification. built new at Eastleigh Carriage Works, emerging from there to enter traffic in August 1958. 7105 was refurbished at BREL in Swindon, returning to traffic as 1537 in January 1982.

In September 2002 the power cars and coach 70235 were reformed into 4-BEP unit 2325 with TRB 69345, running until withdrawal in December 2003. 2325 was then preserved on the East Kent Railway from 2004. The other original coach from 7105, TS 70229 is in unit 2315, preserved at the Eden Valley Railway.

Each of these coaches is running on a combination of one Commonwealth bogie and one Mk 4 motor bogie, which is the orginal type.

4-CEP front end detail, not seen at Eastleigh for some years.