Sunday, 26 January 2014

A 47802 retrospective - placed into storage 24th January 2014

47802 Pride of Cumbria was stored in the last week, it may be used as a carriage heater at Carlisle, but the end seems close.

Climbing Shap on 26th July 2006, with West Coast stock, near Greenholme. These trains were trainers to refresh drivers for handling passenger carriages.
On the tail of the short lived "Stobart Pullman", Havant, 12th February 2008, having been named two days previously.
Later in 2008 , 47802 received attention at Eastleigh as the Pride of Cumbria, seen there on 14th December that year.
Passing Crampmoor leading a Rail Blue charter, 14th August 2010.
At Eastleigh with ECS for the "Cruise Saver Express", 17th September 2011.

New and to traffic from Brush on 9th September 1966, as D1950, allocated to LMR (Western Lines). Renumbered to 47552 in March 1975, then to 47802 in July 1989. From 1995 to 1999 it saw periods in storage, which continued until 2002 when sold to DRS, entering traffic with them from March 2003. On N/SPT special tests from 16th January, then to storage pool XHSS from 24th, having worked with 37261 to Barrow Hill on 20th, returning to Crewe Gresty Lane. It is understood that heavy checks were due.