Saturday, 18 January 2014

31190 returns to Totton, 18th January 2014

31190 ran down from Eastleigh to Totton this morning, where it rejoined the Railvac and 31452, ahead of expected nocturnal duties tonight. There is a rumour that 31190 will be repainted into a DCR scheme, so this may always be a last opportunity. 31190 had not left Eastleigh when I left home, but did work early, as I had kind of guessed, even then it arrived just as I was walking close to Asda.

31190 has arrived and the points are set to enter the yard. 444034 passes with a train to Waterloo.
31190 now moves into the yard.
About to join the Railvac train with 31452 already attached.
A few minutes later, 31190 is in repose in Totton Yard. As D5613 the locomotive was new in May 1960 to 34G Finsbury Park, but was of course Mirrlees powered at that time.