Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Four Whistlers - 4th & 6th July 2013

Presented in numerical order in the D200 series.
D200 (40122) in an annex of the NRM, 4th July. New in March 1958 from English Electric / Vulcan Foundry. Repainted at Stratford prior to final withdrawal in April 1988.
D212 Aureol is receiving bogie attention, and is seen on jacks at Barrow Hill. Class 40 bogie cracks were a very common reason for works attention in years past. D212 was new in May 1959, and was withdrawn in February 1985. It was reinstated as 97407 in May 1985 for restricted work around the Crewe blockade, and withdrawn again in April 1986 as one of the last survivors of the class. 
At the turntable at Barrow Hill is D213 new in June 1959, and withdrawn in January 1985.
Looking splendid in the sunshine is newly overhauled 345 of the Class 40 Preservation Society, following generator and other repairs. Some work on fuel pumps and injectors is still required. New in May 1961, and withdrawn in June 1983, following derailment damage.