Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Appleby East & West, 31st August 2013

Appleby East station building is maintained and in use as part of scrap yard complex, which rather litters the platform, running line and yard. No train has passed this way since the late 1980s, but the Eden Valley Railway has hopes of eventually running to here.
 Appleby North signalbox of 1951. The FoSCL believe that the boxes will stop being used around 2020.
Appleby West station on the Settle & Carlisle Railway. The bridge was moved from Mansfield in 1901.
4979 Wootton Hall at the Appleby Heritage Centre, with the water tower and tank on the Settle & Carlisle line.
158817 draws into Appleby with a Leeds - Carlisle working.

Appleby East (Eden Valley Railway) one two
Appleby West (Settle & Carlisle) one