Saturday, 14 September 2013

A ride on the Welsh Highland Railway, 1st September 2013

From the camera of Ian Knight:

Merrdin Emrys (Boston Lodge, 1879), coming off the Cob from Boston Lodge into Porthmadog

Welsh Pony (George England, 1867) on display at Porthmadog - a locomotive which worked the Welsh Highland

NGG16 143 (Beyer Peacock, 1958) arriving at Porthmadog from Caernarfon

NGG16 138 (Beyer Peacock, 1958) running around at Caernarfon

143 at Rhyd Ddu

Earl of Merioneth II (Boston Lodge, 1979) arriving at Porthmadog at the end of the day

Who remembers this? I have some photographs, but it was a rainy day.