Sunday, 29 September 2013

31452 + 31190 with returning Railvac at Totton, 29th September 2013

On a rarer daytime working 31452 leads the Railvac, some spoil wagons and 31190 from Ascot (6Z31 depart 07:50) back into Totton , with a reverse into the yard. A "Cosham Plant" excavator waits there to unload the spoil, while the drivers depart in their cars.

More pictures on SkyDrive.
31452 arrives at Totton a few minutes late.
31190 leads the formation back into the yard.
Railvac RA7 9970 9515 001-4
31452 at the rear upon entry to the yard. The excavator is awaiting the yard to prepare the train for its next turn to Basingstoke, which left at 13:53, 45 minutes late.

Further coverage of the shunt after 13:00 by Simon Howard.