Friday, 19 July 2013

Class 86's at Barrow Hill, 6th July 2013

Europhoenix Class 86's at Barrow Hill on 6th July. covered the removal of these locomotives for export through Immingham only a couple of hours later. The locomotives arrived in a convoy behind 56312 on 4th July.

UPDATE: Now in Hungary.

Floyd 450008 is the former 86242 James Kennedy GC and Colchester Castle, new as E3138 in January 1966, withdrawn October 2004. This was the locomotive involved in the Nuneaton derailment in June 1975.
Floyd 450007 is the former 86228 Vulcan Heritage, new as E3167 from English Electric / Vulcan Foundry in August 1965. Revisions in the Floyd colours have been made to reflect full ownership by Eurogate.
86701 Orion has been returned by Electric Traction Ltd to Europhoenix, and is in Colas colours following a very short engagement last year. Formerly E3129 (Doncaster, November 1965), 86205 City of Lancaster, and briefly 86503 in 1988-89. Stored DRS 37510 is behind.
86702 Cassiopeia which was new as E3144 (English Electric / Vulcan Foundry, March 1966), then 86048 and upgraded to 86260 Driver Wallace Oakes GC.
86242 awaits arrival of low loader and a push up the ramp to be provided by 37510. Locomotives in the background are 37275 and 50008 Thunderer.