Sunday, 28 July 2013

Class 47s at the Glos Warks Diesel Weekend, 27th July 2013

47376 Freightliner 1995 was stored at Southampton Maritime in 2001-02 following an engine failure. Following acquisition by the Brush Type 4 Fund at the end of 2002, the locomotive had its engine swapped with 47295 in June 2003 at MOD Ashchurch, after which it was delivered to the GWR. Here the locomotive is seen at Winchcombe, working to Cheltenham, in a rather "inter-regional" scene.
47376 clags away 47 style, running towards the tunnel.
At Cheltenham Racecourse, again caught clagging, 47376 starts on its return working, 2L72 16:10 to Laverton.
1693 (47105) is under an extended overhaul at Toddington, resident in the new shed there. Withdrawn almost 20 years ago in November 1993, and preserved and operational since 1994.

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