Sunday, 14 July 2013

70005 fire - 14th July 2013

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"70005 hauling 6A02 1130 Wigan Station Junction-Crewe Basford Hall was stopped at Hindley, Driver reporting smoke coming from cab. Fire Brigade called and extingushed the fire at around 1210.
70005 and train eventually dragged back and dumped in Platform 1 at Wigan North Western lines re-opened to Manchester around 1400."

"66506 & Fire Damaged 70005 DIT

6A02 Wigan Station Junction - Crewe Basford Hall
Crewe Salop 18:28"

"Just seen it being dragged past me by 66506.
One of its roof 'hatches' has been well toasted!
It must have been fairly well alight, because the fire brigade were called by a member of the public."

Pictures                Picture while on fire               And the fire brigade arrives