Saturday, 13 July 2013

A Day at Barnetby, 5th July 2013

60019 Port of Grimsby & Immingham passes with 6E46 04:37 Kingsbury - Lindsey Oil Refinery
60019 returns at 12:05 with 6M00 11:40 Humber Oil Refinery - Kingsbury 
60092 in the early evening with 6E41 1:41 Westerleigh Murco - Lindsey Oil Refinery

GBRf 66713 Forest City on a coal working from Immingham H.I.T. - Doncaster Down Decoy, running almost 3 hours late
66848 runs around on 6D86 Wolsingham - Scunthorpe BSC (CHP), this working rerouted around the Hatfield slip, for which normal routes were resumed on 8th July.
66097 heads through the station on 6E32 Dollands Moor - Scunthorpe steel bar empties. This ran around at Immingham for the period of the Hatfield diversions, and returns into the setting sun.

The North Lincolnshire Resignalling Project is under way, with a project office located at Barnetby. The signals at Barnetby and Wrawby Junc. are expected to be gone in 2015. The project is awarded to Alstom / Balfour Beatty.