Saturday 11 December 2021

6th - 11th December 2021

166208 passing Dunbridge,8th December. These 1992 units will be with us for a while, although the similarly platformed Class 365s are being sent for scrap.

Sunday 5th December: 66751 5Z52 1425 Pengam Reception Sidings - Eastleigh one two
Monday 6th December:
Tuesday 7th December: 43046 + (2 trailers) + 43055 5Z36 07:55 Crewe - Eastleigh one two three four; 66148 failed north of Basingstoke with 4O43 from Wakefield, and was rescued by 67013, after a driver for it came from Bristol one two
Wednesday 8th December: 66148 dumped at Eastleigh one two
Thursday 9th December:
Friday 10th December: 47727 + 360114 07:30 5Q15 Kettering - Eastleigh one two three four 47727 + 360104 5Q17 13:30 Eastleigh - Cricklewood one two
Saturday 11th December:

Some of the new Wascosa yellow JNA wagons have been dispatched north to Mountsorrel via the Hinksey working.

59003 remains in Eastleigh Works.