Saturday 25 July 2020

20th - 25th July 2020

Monday 20th July: 66742 + 701005 + 66770 6X24 06:18 Derby - Eastleigh one two three & Flickr for the day
Tuesday 21st July: 
Wednesday 22nd July: 60046 6Z90 08:01 Up Yard - Westbury (worked onward to Willesden) one two
Thursday 23rd July:
Friday 24th July:
Saturday 25th July:

SWR operated Fawley Branch train this coming Tuesday 28th.

70017 worked to Wentloog and back on 22nd, one two three, where 66562 appears to have been picked up from  Wentloog to move it from Stoke Gifford to Maritime. 70017 was again recorded on 24th.

70003 and 70005 appear to be being reactivated.

57002 and 57003 are being stored by DRS. They were last in this area in January. The pair were working together on 26th June, and 57003 was recently at Bo'ness, for what was understood to be an ERTMS assessment, going north on 2nd July and returning on 17th.