Sunday 16 June 2019

56103 in detail, Eastleigh, 15th June 2019

56103 was new on 27th December 1981 from Doncaster Works (at a time when the Deltics were on their final runs, and Human League were Number One with Don't You Want Me). From July 1997 it was named "Stora".

Stored by EWS in July 2003, then worked for Fertis in France from November 2005, returning from there in 2006 for storage at Old Oak Common and later at Crewe.

Acquired by DCR from DBS at the end of 2011, and removed from Crewe in July 2012.

Returned to traffic from Washwood Heath in July 2014, it was involved in the RailVac workings from Totton Yard.

At some point in 2016 becoming unserviceable, it was again returned to service, repainted and vinyled at Willesden in 2018. DCR is now a subsidiary of Cappagh.

No. 2 end viewed from the Bishopstoke Road bridge.

A further view from the bridge.

56103 faces an example of its Class 66 nemesis.

A further view of the No. 2 end.

Detail of the CP2 bogie, which was a Swiss SLM design, already used in Romania and obtained via Electroputere, who also exported variants elsewhere.

No.1 end in this view from platform 3.