Sunday 16 April 2017

UP / SP in Northern California, September 1997

A southbound train, Chico, California, 8th September 1997.

9823, with a small UP sticker over its leading 'SP' marker, is an EMD SD70M (EMD serial 936438-24), the second last of the only SP order of 25 locomotives delivered in June to August 1994, and intended for service on the I-5 corridor. Renumbered to UP 3998, and still in service with that railroad. The power unit inside is a 4300hp EMD 16-710-G3, a 16 cylinder variant from the same series as the 12 cylinder in Class 66.

9815 is a similar locomotive, delivered in July 1994 (EMD serial 936438-16). Currently running as UP 3990.

8594 is a SD40M-2 in an SD45 housing, with flared radiators. New in October 1971 as an SD45 to Seaboard Coast Line as their 2037 (EMD serial 37728). Renumbered to 8937 upon acquisition by CSX, then rebuilt as shown for SP usage from July 1994, later UP 2670) with a EMD 16-645-E3 at 3000 hp - rather similar to that in Class 59. Retired by UP on 24th October 2005. Last noted in the storage lines at Sterling, IL in 2011 - 2013, understood to then be in the ownership of Citibank. Thirty of these were still present there a year later.

Further north at Redding, I found 7624 (marked as allocated to El Paso) and 4841 (Roseville, just outside of Sacramento)

7624 is a GP40-2 delivered to SP in February 1978 (EMD serial 776071-17), later UP1381. Still in UP service in 2017. GP40-2 locomotives have turbocharged 16 cylinder EMD 645E3 3000 hp prime movers.

4841 is a GP38-2 delivered to SP in June 1980 (EMD serial 786272-42) later UP 600. GP38-2 locomotives have mechanically blown variants of the 16 cylinder EMD 645E3 of 2000 hp. This locomotive is additionally fitted with snow shields, and is designated for snow service, with equipment on the cab roof which can be extended to catch icicles. Still in UP service in 2017.

Further north to Dunsmuir, where Tunnel Motor SD40T-2 8282 was stationed on pilot duties for the grades up to Shasta and beyond.

8282 was delivered in June 1980 (EMD serial 786265-53) and later became UP 2942, until retirement in 12th April 2010, at near the 30 year point, along with many of the other survivors. Picture soon after retirement, at Denver where it was auctioned.