Sunday, 23 April 2017

Shenzhen and Hong Kong, China, April 2017

A handful of transport variations from China and Hong Kong. Activity related to this travel has rather restricted my recent time for '47Soton', and trainspotting was not really on my agenda while there.

A Class SS8 electric locomotive, built 1994 - 2001, believed to be SS8 0163, is arriving at Shenzhen from the north,15th April. This train may be proceeding to Hong Kong, the locomotive class is the only China Railways Class permitted to run on to the East Line there (Kowloon Canton Railway). These locomotives run on 25kV 50Hz electricity supply and are rated at 3600 kW (4830 hp). 

For reference, a China Railways map. The picture was taken from the Di Wang Tower.

A MTR SP1900 emu, constructed by Kinki Sharyo, rolls into the terminus of the East Rail Line at Lok Ma Chau in the Frontier Closed Area (linked by footbridge to the Futian Control Point), 20th April. I travelled in car M225.

Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 MMCs of Long Win Bus, and an older ALX500 of Kowloon Motor Bus at Sheng Shui station, while making a transfer from the MTR to a bus to the airport. 

UM4055  1542   12.8m   new 13Dec16  
UL8336   5534   12m      new 01Dec16      

KMB and LWB are in a common ownership.

My first sighting of an Airbus A350. Cathay Pacific B-LRJ was delivered in late 2016, and was going to be on a flight to Bangkok.

Departure for London on Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-367ER B-KQB.