Thursday 5 January 2017

Around and about at Eastleigh, 2nd January 2017

Logo changes at GBRf. The TML Circle and "Part of Europorte" message seem to being removed following the recent sale transaction. 66712 (left) and 2016 delivered 66774 (right).

59205 appeared to be working on crew training duties, arriving as 0Z63 10:35 Westbury - Eastleigh. It later ran to and from Salisbury.

It is about 10 years since 158880 was refurbished and delivered to SWT. It has recently been repainted in the new whiter version of the SWT livery.

47818 with a 5-WES Class 442 "Plastic Pig".

08879 was recently delivered to Raxstar from Margam, and appears to be in position for disposal.