Thursday 19 January 2017

37685, Bo'ness, 29th December 2016

37685 was lying over at Bo'ness in a standby role for West Coast, possibly related to potential snow duties, although no usage has been recorded so far in January, where DRSClass 37 locomotives have been used.

New as D6934 from English Electric Vulcan Foundry on 10th April 1964, and first allocated to Landore. Renumbered to 37234 in March 1974. Completed overhaul at Crewe in March 1987 and emerged as 37685. Withdrawn in June 1999 and sent to France, returning in August 2000, working again briefly in September to November 2001. Purchased by West Coast in September 2007, who returned it to traffic in May 2010.

In March 2015 the locomotive encountered a tree in the Highlands, and was not returned to traffic until June 2016.

In repose at Bo'ness.

Detail of one cab end.