Monday 2 January 2017

37067, Bo'ness, 29th December 2016

37703 has seen its DRS livery modified, with identifiers removed, and a quick application of a "37067" look, including TE shed stickers.

37067 was delivered from English Electric Vulcan Foundry as D6767 on 21st November 1962, allocated to Thornaby. Dual braked in October 1971, then renumbered to 37067 in February 1974. Refurbished and renumbered to 37703 in January 1987. Withdrawn by EWS in June 2000, and sent to Spain as L25 in May 2001. Returned to the UK in August 2013. Prepared at Barrow Hill as a super shunter for Daventry, where it worked only briefly, and is understood to have been in an incident which led to a bent frame. Loaned to the SRPS from July 2014, when 37401 ("Mary Doll") was removed for its return to the main line.

At Bo'ness, coming out for the first train of the day, the 09:30 to Manuel.

Nose end detail, before entraining.

On the 2nd cycle of running, the train picked up incoming 60056 at Manuel. 37703 runs back into the sidings, having come off in favour of the 60.

An afternoon spent in repose.