Sunday 6 November 2016

Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway, 16th May 1981

An Edinburgh University Railway Society day trip to Cumbria. We travelled to Carlisle, then in a Class 108 dmu to Ravenglass, but we arrived late. Some of managed to get tickets, but we watched our planned train leave the station without us. Douglas Ferreira, as General Manager, saved our day by letting us ride on a special train behind Synolda, arranged for another party, with directions made to change to a return train at Fisherground loop. This allowed us to get on our next planned BR train, onward to Carnforth.

Synolda is prepared for its journey at Ravenglass. The locomotive was built by Bassett Lowke at Northampton in 1912 to run on the estate of Sir Robert Walker at Sand Hutton, whose first wife was named Synolda.

River Mite at Ravenglass. The LMS coach on the right was subsequently broken up.

Lady Wakefield arrives at Ravenglass. Then only 9 months in use, and returned from its demo activity on the RHDR. More recently, it has been rebuilt with a larger hood.

Synolda pauses at Irton Road.

River Irt arriving at Fisherground Loop.

River Irt being turned at Ravenglass.

I have a handful of photographs from Carnforth, far from comprehensive, and only outdoors. May scan them at some point.