Sunday 27 November 2016

Eastleigh, 27th November 2016

English Electric Type 3's 37116 and 37057 with a Brush Sulzer Type 4 (likely 47818) in the background in this Sunday "classic scene" at Eastleigh Works. Somewhere in the hidden distance is 37175 which paired with 37116 arrived in an STP move from Woking on Saturday evening. 37057 had arrived on Saturday morning with its test train, the first van being 96604 a former Motorail van built on the frames of a GUV.

37116 was new from Vulcan Foundry as D6816 on 1st March 1963, and was allocated to Sheffield Darnall. Stored in December 2001, then to the Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway, from where it was removed in January 2014 for eventual return to the main line for Colas.

37057 similarly came from Vulcan Foundry, and was new as D6757 on 5th October 1962, allocated to Thornaby. Stored in December 2004 after the Sandite season, and disposed of to Harry Needle Railroad Company in November 2007. Restored at Barrow Hill, initially as a preserved locomotive, but returned to the main line for Colas use in 2015.

47841 is believed to belong to Locomotive Services Ltd., and has spent most of its time under cover in the works, having arrived on 13th July 2015. Stored by DRS on 31st October 2014. It is believed to be considered as a spares source for 47790 and 47805; the bogies were swapped to 47790 before October 2015. The headlight and driver's window are clearly missing.

17159 is actually a rather rare beast, a Mk2d BFK, one of only two remaining registered (the other is 17167 in the Northern Belle, with one further example 17168 / 99319 in storage at Carnforth). Built in November 1971 to Lot 30823 at Derby - a lot of 34 coaches 14139 - 14172 built in 1971-72. Withdrawn from regular traffic use in October 2003, it is not a ready fit in the DRS fleet, having been the brake coach in the short lived Stobart Pullman, following which it spent previous time in storage at Eastleigh, returning on 5th October following a further period in traffic.

Coaches 64680 and 64723 of the erstwhile 508211 have been moved from the back of the works, is there a purpose in this? (Scrapping?). Delivered from BREL York in March 1980, as unit 508032, renumbered to 508132 in July 1984 when TS 71557 was transferred to Class 455/7 5718. From then the unit worked on Mereyside. Unit renumbered to 508211 in May 1998 when introduced onto South Eastern services, from where it was stored, initially at Donnington from May 2010, then moved to Eastleigh on 23rd July 2011.

New GBRf 66777 amd 66778 in the sidings at the station. These entered traffic in July and June respectively.