Saturday, 2 April 2016

Eastleigh Works, 1st April 2016

66748 (EMD 20078968-004) , the last grey GBRf Class 66, had arrived earlier in the day as 0Y67 09:24 Hoo Junction – Eastleigh Works, and is now going to be repainted.

M3119 is a FO owned by Riviera Trains (DB Cargo), and based at the nearby Eastleigh Depot. Built at BR Swindon to Lot 30697, completed in January 1963. The Commonwealth bogies appear to be marked for 3133 in the same fleet, suggesting a recent swap.

W1671 is a RBR (Pressed Steel, Lot 30628, 1960), similarly based at Riviera Eastleigh.

58008 still awaits disposal. TSO coach 5700 (DRS owned) has been a spares donor, and may have a questionable future located where it is.