Saturday 16 April 2016

1Z61 07:51 West Brompton - Bristol, Crampmoor, 13th April 2016

47580 + 47760 lead the train past Crampmoor. 47580 was new from Brush to 41A Tinsley as D1762 in September 1964, and latterly ran as 47732 Restormel. I first noted it on 29th March 1982 on my return from the interview which brought me to Hampshire, at that time allocated to Stratford.

47760 was new from BR Crewe as D1617 to 16A Toton in September 1964. I first saw it as 47036 on 10th August 1977, following earlier reallocation  from Immingham to Haymarket in May that year.

13320 ANNA is now an FO, but was actually an FK (BR Swindon, Lot 30667, August 1962) until rebuilt by West Coast.

SO 5249 (BR Derby, Lot 30752, about January 1967).