Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Class 101 at Harman's Cross, 5th April 2014

Awaiting their fate at Harman's Cross are Metro-Cammell Class 101 cars 51432 and 51498.

DMBS 51432 was new in April 1959 to lot number 30500, and allocated to 56G Bradford Hammerton Street, originally in a power-twin with E51502. Moved on to Neville Hill around the time of closure of Hammerton Street, then to Reading in the late 80s for Gatwick Airport services, when modified luggage racks were installed. At this time it was formed into Network South East L835, with 51498, and also TCL 59530 (withdrawn Dec 93 and scrapped at Margam by Gwent Demolition in February 1994). In 1993 the twin set was reallocated to Longsight and then withdrawn in April 2000. Stored at Shoeburyness until moved to this location in July 2012.

DMCL 51498 was new in March 1959 to lot number 30501. and allocated to 56G, originally in a power-twin with E51428. History linked with with 51432 since L835 formed.

More on this pair of Class 101s: - reports to be stripped and then scrapped at MoD expense