Sunday, 6 April 2014

Swanage Railway Spring Steam Gala, 5th April 2014

A larger set appears on OneDrive. This event was notable for the pairing of two LSWR Drummond locomotives, reminding us of the lineage of designs seen on North British, Caledonian, Highland, Glasgow and South Western and London and South Western Railways.

Classic Drummonds. Class M7 30053 (Nine Elms, December 1905, to order B13) leads Class T9 30120 (Nine Elms, August 1899, to order G9 at a cost of £2285). The T9 has the superheating modification, to the Maunsell design, originally carried out in April 1927. The locomotives were withdrawn from BR service in May 1964 from Bournemouth (M7) and July 1963 from Eastleigh (T9). This was the 14:30 from Norden - 223 years of locomotive history.
34070 Manston (Brighton November 1947) near Harman's Cross with the lunchtime freight.
The T9 waiting to come onto the 11:30 train at Swanage.
The M7 recreates the Southern branch line atmosphere. A long time now since its sojourn in the USA.
34028 Eddystone (Brighton April 1946) near Harman's Cross with the 13:00 from Swanage.

Class M7 one two
Class T9 one two

Other sets: one two

The light was very poor for this time of year. The better examples above were all processed from RAW images.