Sunday, 30 March 2014

30 years ago: Two Class 50's at Reading, 31st March 1984

Actually a visit to Didcot, these pictures of Class 50's were taken on the journey to and from my destination.

50034 Furious (OC), named in April 1978, arriving at Reading from the west with a Paddington bound service. New to traffic in July 1968, withdrawn in June 1990, and broken up by Coopers Metals at Old Oak Common in February 1991. In the background can be seen Ford Escort Mk 1, Cortina Mk IV, Austin Marina van, and Morris Marina Coupe.
Later in the day, 50046 Ajax (LA), named in October 1978 is in the sidings, and I think that this may have been taken from the train to Basingstoke. 50046 was new to traffic in November 1968, and was withdrawn in March 1992, being disposed of at MC Metals in Glasgow in June of that year.