Saturday, 8 March 2014

Diverts at East Grimstead, 8th March 2014

Further engineering works at Redbridge saw some diverts via Laverstock, in addition to CE workings. My first visit to the new bridge at East Grimstead - I needed to use a small stepladder.

66160 with delayed 6N06 07:41 Eastleigh - Redbridge.
57305 with 6G10 13:00 Redbridge - Eastleigh, with reversal at Woking.
66566 with 4O27 05:26 Garston - Maritime.
66953 3MG MERSEYSIDE MULTIMODAL GATEWAY with 4O29 08:14 Basford Hall - Maritime.
The 10:45 Margam to Eastleigh was only 66021, earlier accumulated at Alexandra Dock Junction as 0X12 66172+66137+66140+66079+66015+66060+66021+66003+66155 but now likely 0O12 from Westbury, running one hour early.