Thursday, 11 August 2011

Northern Belle in Scotland, 6th - 8th August

47790 Galloway Princess + 47818 pass Aberdour with 1Z36 08:26 Kings Cross - Inverness 'Northern Belle', 6th August
47790 with 1Z13 15:00 Dunfermline - Aberdeen on the rarely used Inverkeithing North Jct. - East Jct. chord, 7th August
47790 (once D1973 of Haymarket) clags as it sets of up Dalgety Bank from Inverkeithing East Jct.
47790 with 1Z38 08:37 Inverness - Kings Cross, passing Aberdour, 8th August. 47818 was removed at Perth with reported ETH and brake problems, and moved to Carlisle by 66427 on 9th August