Thursday, 11 August 2011

Waverley Route - Whitrope and Riccarton, 28th July 2011

The Whitrope scheme is currently developing, however that at Riccarton Junction has sadly imploded.
 The southern portal of Whitrope Tunnel, the fourth longest in Scotland at 1208 yds, opened in 1862 and closed to rail traffic in January 1969. Closed to walkers around 2002 after a small collapse immediately inside this south portal.
Mk2 BSO 9400 at Whitrope Heritage Centre. Originally preserved at Errol Station, following years in ScR service. Telephone box on platform reflects that once on the platform at Riccarton Jct.
TSRB 69316 was part of 4-BIG 7046 / 2108 / 2258. Both coaches are better painted on the platform side.
 Fowler 4240015, formerly of Hartlepool Power Station
 On the trackbed not far from Whitrope, facing in the down direction towards Hawick
Further south a bridge remains in use as part of Forestry Commission access. LNER V2s and Pacifics, and later first generation diesels were once daily sights here. Again facing towards Whitrope.
 The remains of Riccarton Jct are once again desolate and returning to nature. Facing towards Steele Road and Newcastleton.
 The remains of the station master's house in the background.
Looking towards Whitrope