Saturday, 22 January 2011

Forthcoming Bridge Works - Redbridge to Dunbridge

Exactly how much structural change this will mean to the arched bridges in unclear, but may be significant change to decking to gain height (one bridge is known to be subject to track flooding, so lowering of track is not a solution). If anyone knows please contact me, also to clarify the locations. One bridge is on A27 at Ashfield, and another busier one is on Old Salisbury Lane (B3084 Duke's Head - Awbridge Road).

From This is Hampshire

From the minutes of the Romsey Forum, 16th June 2010
Network Rail Bridge Improvements: Many containers are too big for some of the existing rail bridges. Also Network Rail need an alternative line from Southampton to London. This would be Southampton, Romsey, Salisbury and Andover and would require bridge improvements. Five bridges are affected, Ashfield, Four Lanes, Lee, Lee Lane and Coldharbour Lane. There will be another in Old Salisbury Lane requiring road closure. 
These are all permitted works and planners can only object on specific grounds. Planners are waiting for more specific plans.  The Romsey to Salisbury line is an early line dating from the 1840s and planners would like to protect the industrial heritage but recognise the national need for improvements to the rail network. If the Forum wished to write to Network Rail expressing concern for the character of the bridges it could be helpful with this. However the Port of Southampton is economically important. 
Road closures will be dealt with by a traffic management team. The dates being considered are November 2011 to spring 2012. 
Four Lanes = Spaniards Lane?      Lee       Lee Lane       Coldharbour Lane

This appears to affect all four arched bridges between Romsey and Lee, and also potentially that at Weston Lane. What may be of concern to us is that the Lee area parapets could be built up to 21st Century 'Health & Safety' heights preventing photography without a ladder.

47Soton will try and get pictures of these bridges before work commences.

Eastleigh - Salisbury was opened in 1847, Redbridge - Romsey in 1865.

Meanwhile it is understood that St Denys footbridge has a temporary replacement while the original is refurbished.